This is not a changelog post, not a feature post… This is a goodbye post.

Gitskarios has been up for 2 years, and get more than 25K downloads, with about 4K active installs on this time. Thank you!!!

I’ve learned a lot with this app, learned Java, Android, learned Dependency Injection with dagger, Material Design from google, etc…

I’ve learned a lot from users, you always surprised me with new cool features to add, and making the app OpenSource was one of the best decisions i ever had.

But, apart from learn, this project has been growning and had many many features, and gained in complexity. I tried to make the best and updated the app as fast as i could, but i can’t do it as i used to.

So i decided to stop gitskarios how it is, a big application to get GitHub on your Android device. That doesn’t mean i’m going to remove it from playstore, it’s still available for you all to download.

As Gitskarios is OpenSource, under MIT licens, you are allowed to download ad compile code for your own, or create a new distribution and publish by yourself.

Gitskarios will be OpenSource forever, and open to contributions.

Thanks for thoose years, i will miss you!